Add Obituaries to Weebly Using Obituary Assistant App

The Obituary Assistant Javascript Tool lets you easily add obituaries to your Weebly funeral home website in minutes.

Obituary Assistant is a complete obituary system that integrates into the look and feel of your existing Wix funeral home template and lets you publish rich obituaries with pictures, videos, and condolences. Obituary Assistant is mobile optimized, search engine friendly and is free to any funeral home in the United States and Canada. More on Obituary Assistant.

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How It Works - Obituaries On Weebly

The Obitaury Assistant Javascript Tool lets you add obituaries to your Weebly website.

Sign Up for a free FWH Account. We will email you the lines of Javascript to install on your Weebly website template and your FHW Account login information.

Add page on Weebly as follows:

  • In the Pages tab, click the + button at the top
  • Select Standard Page

This is where your obituaries will appear. Add the Obitaury Assistant Javascript code to the page you created. Your Javascript code will look something like this:

Login to your FHW Account and add obituaries. Each time an obituary is adeed, it automatically appears on your Weebly website.

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