Obituary Central for Newspapers

Obituary Central is our free WordPress Plugin that lets local newspapers take control of their obituaries and earn money from each obituary that is added. Set the price you want to be paid for your obituary and have your visitors enter and pay for the obituary. Obituaries come to you for easy approval and you create an important and significant revenue stream for your online newspaper.

Contact us if you want to install Obituary Central and earn money from obituaries.

Obituary Central - Features, How It Works

  • Set the price that you want to be paid for each obituary
  • Your visitors (members of your community or funeral homes) can add and pay for an obituary in minutes
  • You receive an email and a WordPress notification each time an obituary is added and paid for
  • Get paid monthly for prior month's obituary sales
  • Complete and seamless integration with your WordPress template's look and feel
  • Optimized just like your newspaper template is for mobile phones and mobile devices
  • Smooth interface for you and your visitors to login again and manage photos, videos and condolences
  • Visitors can share obituaries by email, text, Facebook and Twitter increasing traffic to your newspaper
  • Fully Search Engine Optimized (SEO) brining new traffic to your newspaper when people search for loved ones
  • Installs into WordPress in minutes with our easty to use plugin
  • 100% free, no setup costs or annual costs - we pay you monthly for obituaries added

Obituary Central Example on Ocala Post

Ocala Post

See an example of Obituary Central in use on Ocala Post

Obituary Central Screenshots

Main Obituaries Page

Main Obituaries Page - Obituary Central

Obituary Detail Page

Obituary Detail: Photos and Videos

Obituary Detail: Condolences

Obituary Approval in WordPress

Obituary Central - FAQs

Who enters the obituary?

Members of your community enter and pay for the obituary. The person entering the obituary can be a family member of the deceased or a representative of the funeral home wanting to announce the passing.

Who sets the priced of the obituary?

You set the price of the obituary and we add our $10 fee per obituary. For example, let's say you set your price obitaury at $50. The plugin adds the $10 charge for FHW Solutions and your visitor will be paying a total of $60 to add an obituary. Our price is fixed at $10 per obituary regardless of how you set your price.

The Obituary Central plugin is absolutely free to your newspaper. It creates a revenue stream for you and provides a valuable service to your community.

How much should be charge per obituary?

You are free to charge what is appropriate for your market. Print newspapers charge over $100 to add on obituary. We suggest something in the range of $50 to $150, but again, you are free to determine what is appropriate for your market.

How do I receive the funds?

We collect the money when it is paid by the person adding the obitaury. We pay your newspaper on the first of the month for prior month's obitaury sales.

We pay by check but can also pay by ACH transfer to funeral homes in the United States or Canada. International funeral homes can choose to be paid by PayPal.

Can I try adding an obituary for free?

Yes. The obituary plugin is free. The adminstrartor can also add 5 obituaries for free to see how things work and to get a feel for it. After that, the price per obituary set inside the plugin needs to be paid by your visitors to add obituaries.

What currency are visitors charged for obituaries?

Obituaries are paid for in $US currency. Whatever country you are in, your visitors credit cards will automatically be charged in $US.

We are working on supporting different currencies.

We are not a newspaper but can we use Obituary Central?

Obitaury Central was designed with newspapers in mind but it can be used by any website that wants to charge their visitors for announding the passing of a loved one.

What countries can Obitaury Central be used in?

Our newspaper plugin can be used in over 150 countries including the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, India and South Africa. You can select your country in the country dropdown.

Obituary Central is currently only available in English but we are working on support for multiple languages. If you need language support urgently, please contact us

Our newspaper is not on WordPress, do you have a solution for us?

We are working on solutions for newspapers not on WordPress. Please contact us to get an update on our solutions for non-WordPress users.

Get Obituaries for Your Newspaper

Contact us if you want to earn money from obitauries and we will send you the zip file and instructions for Obituary Central installation.