Obituary Assistant Javascript Tool

The Obituary Assistant Javascript Tool lets you add obituaries to a funeral home website with just two lines of Javascript code.

Obituary Assistant is a complete obituary system that integrates into the look and feel of your existing funeral home website and lets you publish rich obituaries with pictures, videos, and condolences. Obituary Assistant is mobile optimized, search engine friendly and is free to any funeral home in the United States and Canada. More on Obituary Assitant.

We even pay you commissions on flower sales!

How It Works - Add Obituaries To Your Website

No matter what website or content management system you're on, the Obituary Assistant Javascript Tool will let you add obituaries to your website in mintues. Here's how it works.

Sign Up below for a free FWH Account. We will email you the lines of Javascript to install on your website and your FHW Account login information. You will login to your FHW account add obituaries.

Add the Javascript code to your website. It will look like this.

The above is not actual code, you need to sign up below for your own account info.

Create a page on your website where you want your obituaries to appear and then add the code the HEAD section of your page. While it's preferred to add the code the the HEAD section of your page, it is not a must as some DIY website systems do not allow you to add anything to the HEAD section.

Login to your FHW Account and add obituaries. Each time an obituary is adeed, it automatically appears on your website. Obituary Assitant is intuitive and easy to use and there is documentation once you have logged in.

Obituaries and Memorials for Populate Website and Content Management Systems

When you need obituaries and memorials on any website, the Obituary Assistant Javascript Tool has you covered. Here are some popular websites and content management systems we integrate into, but again, our Javacript Tool can be added toanywebsite.

Sign Up for Obituary Assistant Javascript Tool

Sign Up below for the Obituary Assistant Javascript Tool. There is no cost or obligation to use. We will send you an email with code to implement and login to your FHW Account.