Obituary Assistant - Easy to Use Obituaries for Funeral Homes and Any Website

Obituary Assistant is a modern, leading-edge obituary system that lets you easily add obituaries and installs into any website in minutes. Obituary Assistant is free to for any funeral home in the United States and Canada and we pay you a commission on flower sales.

Obituary Assistant can also be used by pet cremation facilities, newspapers and international funeral homes.

Obituary Assistant Features

  • Intuitive and easy to use, add obituaries in minutes
  • Smooth interface to manage photos, videos - upload videos of any size
  • Full Social Media Integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Visitors can share obituaries by email or text
  • Optimized for all mobile phones and mobile devices
  • Choose to receive email and text notifications when condolences or photos added by visitors
  • Approve condolences and photos added by visitors or set to Auto Approve
  • Fully Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Installs on any website content management system in minutes
  • Seamless integration into your website maintaining its look and feel
  • Ability to import your current obituaries
  • Display obituary snippets on your homepage
  • Families can subscribe to obituary updates with notifications by email or text
  • Visitors can subscribe when obituaries are updated or when new obituaries are posted to your website
  • Visitors can download PDF of each obituary
  • QR codes on obituaries can be used in printed materials at your services
  • Supports multiple funeral home locations
  • Daily backups of all your obituary data
  • No contract, leave anytime, we provide you with your obituary data in a csv file
  • We are here to help by answering questions or setting up if needed
  • Free to funeral homes in the US and Canada - pricing plans available for internationl funeral homes and non-funeral home users
  • We pay 15% on flower sales to US and Canadian funeral homes!

Easily Add and Manage Obituaries

Obituary Assistant has a simple, clean dashboard that lets you easily add and manage obituaries.

Add Obituary - Obitaury Assistant Dashboard

Edit Obituaries - Obituary Assistant Dashboard

If you’re on WordPress, you won’t have to login to WordPress to post an obituary. To enter an obituary, log into the FHW Solutions dashboard, add your obituary and it appears on your website instantly.

The dashboard allows you to add pictures and videos of the deceased along with service information such as visitations, funeral service, church service and interment. We have standard service types to choose from and you can also add your own service types.

Engage With Your Website Visitors and Grow Your Business

You can choose to allow your website visitors to add pictures and condolences and you be notified by email and or text when visitors have added pictures and condolences. For pictures and condolences submitted by website visitors, you have the choice to auto-approve this content or you can choose to approve each manually.

Your visitors can easily share your obituaries across social media which spreads the word of the passing and increases traffic to the services and to your website.

Your website visitors can subscribe to a single obituary to receive updates when new content such as pictures or condolences are posted. Visitors can also be alerted to each time your funeral home adds an obituary. This lets your community stay connected to your funeral home, it raises customer awareness and builds your funeral home’s brand name.

Obituary Assistant and Pet Memorials

Obituary Assistant can also be used by pet cremation facilities to memorialize dogs, cats or any loved pet.

Paws Whiskers & Wags is an example of Obituary Asssitant being used for pets.

'Pet Friendly' Changes Are Coming

We initially designed Obituary Assistant for human passings but we have had strong interest in our product from pet cremation facilities. We realize that Obituary Assistant needs to be modified to properly memorialize pets. Here are changes coming to Obituary Assistant to make it more ‘pet friendly’ and our approximate timelines for those changes.

  • Renaming navigation and tabs to be more appropriate for pets - coming December 2020
  • Candle feature - coming December 2020
  • Allowing families who have lost pets to enter obituaries rather than having the cremation facility do this - coming January 2021

Helping You Grow Your Pet Cremation Business

Obituary Assistant is not just about memorials to your website, this is an opportunity to engage your customers and grow your business.

Your website visitors can add photos and condolences of the pets they knew and loved. Your visitors will share your pet memorials across social media. They can follow updates for a single pet memorial or they can subscribe to receive alerts each time a pet memorial is added to your website.

Not only will familiies be greatly appreciative of your thoughtful memorial service, this lets your business stay connected with your community, it raises customer awareness and it makes your brand stronger.

Installation and Pet Pricing

Whether you're on WordPress or any other content management system, Obituary Assistant installs into any pet cremation site easily. We're here to assist if you have questions or need help.

Pet cremation facilities get 5 free obituaries to try the system out. Pet passings do not result in flower sales and a fee is needed to use Obituary Assistant after the 5 free obituaries have been used. You will see current pricing inside the Obituary Assistant dashboard when the 5 free obituaries have been used or you can contact us for current pricing.

Obituary Assistant for International Funeral Homes With Langauge Support

Obituary Assistant is available for use by international funeral homes and we support any language your funeral home website is in.

Some of the languages available are Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Ductch, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Hindi.

We've created a simple translation system on the Obituary Assistant dashboard which controls the display of front end headings and wording your visitors will see. This system provides you with our default values in your language but you can override and change those defaults as you like to something you like.

Obituary Assistant Lanaguage Translation System- Spanish Example

Pricing for International Funeral Homes

International funeral homes receive 5 free obituaries to try the system out.

After the the 5 free obituaries have been used, a fee is required to continue to use Obituary Assistant. Obituary Assistant can only be paid for by flower sales in the United States and Canada, flower sales are not an option in other countries. You will see current pricing inside the Obituary Assistant dashboard when the 5 free obituaries have been used or you can contact us for current pricing.

Install Obituaries On Any Website

We have created a variety of plugins, tools, and widgets that literally let you install Obituary Assistant in minutes on any content management system that your funeral home website is on. No programming or custom coding is needed.

Here is how we have made it easy to install Obituary Assistant with our WordPress plugin and our Javascript Tool. Both the WordPress Plugin and the JavaScript Tool are used to display obituaries. Obituaries are added through the Obituary Assistant dashboard when you login here at FHW Solutions.


If you're on WordpPress, the world's most popular content management system, we have the Obituary Assistant WordPress Plugin that you can download and be running obituaries in no time. More on our WordPress Plugin.

Javascript Tool for All Other Websites

The Obituary Assistant Javascript Tool is a few few simple lines of Javascript that you can install on any website to have obituaries in minutes.

You can install the Javascript Obituary Plugin on Wix, Squarespace, Joomla or Weebly or GoDaddy's GoCentral.

Get Started

To get started, choose the Obituary Assistant solution for your website. If you're on WordPress, download the Obituary Assistant Plugin for WordPress Plugin. If you're on any other website, install the Javascript Plugin.

Not sure what website system you're on? That's okay, this can be confusing and We're here to help. Please Contact Us if you have questions or need help with anything including installation.