Frequently Asked Questions

How are obituaries integrated into my existing funeral home website?

We have plugins and tools that makes setup easy and can be done in minutes.

If you're on WordPress, install our WordPress Plugin. If you're on any other website system, install our Javascript Plugin.

Not sure? Need help? We will help including completely setting this up your website.

Will the obituary system look like my current website?


Obituary Assitant maintains the exact look and feel of your website. On WordPress, Obituary Assistant use your WordPress template for the look and feel. Our Javascript solution also maintains the exact look and feel of your website.

Once obituaries are installed, how do I add obituaries to my website?

When Obituary Assistant has been installed into your website, login to your FHW account and click on 'Add Obitaury'. When you have added an obituary, it will automatically appear on your website.

Can I import my current obituaries?

Yes, we will import your current obituaries. We will need a 'csv' file with your old obituaries. Your current obituary system should be able to export your data in a csv file or your provider should be able to give you one.

If you don't have a csv of your old obituaries, please contact us as we may still be able to help.

What is your commission rate on flower sales?

We pay a 15% commission on flowers sold through your website.

Why are your obituaries free?

Our obituaries are free because of flower sales. We pay you a 15% commission on flowers sales and we also profit when you sell flowers on your website. The profits from flower sales pay your obituaries.

Who delivers the flowers?

Florist One is our flower provider and they have worked with 2,000 funeral homes.

Florist One work with local florists to provide delivery to your funeral home. You can choose the local florist (or florists) that you want to deliver to your funeral home or Florist One can choose.

There are 15,000 local florists to choose from. Florist One has been online since 1999 and they've been working with the best local florists for years.

Who does Customer Service on flower sales?

Florist One works with your chosen local florist and handles every aspect of Customer Service on flower sales.

Customers receive an Order Confirmation Email that has the contact information for Florist One. Customers can contact Florist One by phone, email and text for any help they might need.

The flower storefront on your obitauries will also have a have a phone number so your customers can call Florist One and work with them directly.

Should a customer comes to you with a question regarding flower sales, please direct them to Florist One and they will assist the customer.

Can I choose more than one florist?

Yes. We prefer you to choose more than one florist in the event that your first choice florist can't make the delivery. We can work with as many florists as you like.

Can I turn off flower sales?

Generally, no.

Obituary Assistant comes with a flower storefront. Flower sales earn you a 15% commission and flowers sales also pay FHW Solutions.

In rare circumstances, we have approved a funeral home to to turn off the flower storefront and pay a monthly fee (or discounted annual fee) for Obituary Assistant. But this is a special situation that is not typical.

If you wish to pay for Obituary Assistant and turn off flower sales, please contact us to see if we can make an exception for your funeral home.

How does your newspaper obituary system work?

Our plugin for newspapwers is called Obituary Central

Obituary Central lets your newspaper set a price for each obituary that is added to your newspaper's website. This allows the your newspaper to take control of obituaries and creeate an easy revenue stream.

Funeral homes and members of your community can add obituary announcements letting your newspaper become the central place for obituaries.