General Questions

How will my new website look?

You will have a number of custom-made website designs to choose from. Your website design will be unique to your website and will not be used by another funeral home. We have a variety of designs and styles to choose ranging from classic to modern.

Will I lose my current website content and obituaries?

No, you will not lose any website content or obituaries. We will migrate your current obituaries into our system and you will not have to do anything.

How will content changes be made to my website? How will obituaries be added?

Content changes are made by you through an easy-to-use content management system that you access online. Obituaries are added by your funeral home through an easy-to-use online obituary system.

How are obituaries integrated into my existing funeral home website?

FHW Solutions are integrated into your website by adding a link from your website. That's it. Your obituaries will have the colors, look and feel of your existing website and you can make changes to your website at anytime – the obituaries will reflect your changes. See Allen Dahl as an example.

Your old obituaries will be imported into our system. An online content management system will allow you to add and edit obituaries, there is no software to download or install.

How long will my new website take to setup?

We can have your new website up and running in about two weeks. Uploading all your obituariess can usually also be done during this time but may take longer depending on how many obituaries you have and what is involved in extracting your obituaries from your old system. We will take care of everything including pointing your domain (website name) to your new system.

What if I'm not happy with your system?

There is no obligation to keep using us. If you are not happy with our system, you are free to use any system you like at anytime. We are confident that you'll be very happy with us and you will find no reason to leave.

Do you have references from happy funeral homes?

We do have references! Please Contact Us and we'll be happy to provide you with references.


Flower Sale Questions

Why are your websites free?

Our websites are free because of flower sales. We will pay you a 15% commission on flowers sales and we also profit when you sell flowers on your website. The profits from flower sales pay your website design and annual operating costs.

Who delivers the flowers?

Our flowers are always delivered by hand by a local florist and you choose the local florist. We work with over 15,000 local florists in the FTD and Teleflora networka and we also work with local florists not part of any network. Local florists can upload their own products and set their own pricing, it is a system that everybody wins.

Can I choose more than one florist?

Yes. We prefer you to choose more than one florist in the event that your first choice florist can't make the delivery. We can work with as many florists as you like.

What is your commission rate on flower sales?

We pay a 15% commission on flowers sold through your website.

Who does Customer Service on flower sales?

Our flower provider works with your chosen local florist to handle every aspect of Customer Service on flower sales. Your website will have a number on the flower storefront so that customer can call our flower provider and work with them directly. If a customer comes to you with a question regarding flower sales, you can direct them to our toll free number and our flower provider will assist the customer.