About Us

We focus on obituaries. We offer free, easy to use obituaries for funeral homes and newspapers.

Funeral homes should not have to pay hundreds of dollars a month for a website and obituaries. Your obituaries should be paying you. Newspapers do not have to accept a sub-standard national obituary offering paying miniscule amounts in ad sales.

The industry is changing and FHW Solutions is at the forefront of this change. We help funeral homes and newspapers take control of their obituaries and create easy and important revenue streams.

FHW Solutions was borne out of Florist One, the parent company of FHW Solutions.

At Florist One, our diverse team of technologists gained years of experience in the funeral industry as the flower provider to 2,000 funeral homes. Our flower solutions integrated into many different obituary systems and we learned a lot about obituaries.

We knew we obituaries could be improved upon and we set out on a mission to build free, easy-to-use obituaries. We've used our industry knowledge and listened to funeral directors to offer the world's best obituaries.